Explore our latest paper: The “net” in net zero

As corporates increasingly set net zero targets, the conversation has shifted from ‘should I?’ to ‘how do I get there?’. In this paper, we distil what net zero is for business, the benefits of achieving it, and how businesses can go about delivering the “net” in net zero.

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How net zero compares to other climate actions

We analyse the similarities and differences between net zero targets and two existing pillars of corporate climate action – carbon neutrality and Science-Based Targets – and explore how they can complement one another to advance the global transformation to a low carbon economy.

How we help corporates work towards net zero

A company can get involved in project finance at various stages within a carbon credit’s lifecycle, with different rewards accordingly. We outline three different funding structures that can be blended based on risk and reward potential and that can be implemented alongside a direct reduction strategy to achieve net zero.

How we are working with leading corporates as they journey to net zero

The white paper delves into our work with three corporates – Boston Consulting Group, The Co-op Group and Sky – to help them move towards net zero.